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Useful Web Links
Starting a new business and need an EIN?  Apply online at the IRS and get your Federal ID # immediately:

  IRS SS-4 - EIN Application

  EFTPS enrollment
  (for paying payroll and         income taxes electronically)

Important California State websites:

   EDD - Emp Dev Department
   (state payroll agency)

   BOE - Board of Equalization
   (sales and use tax and more)

The Colorado Business Resource Guide is a very helpful business start-up guide, even if your business is not located in the state of Colorado.  I highly recommend you check out this valuable resource tool.
Documents & Forms
I have provided the following links to several useful government forms you may need in operating your business.  This list is NOT all-inclusive and is provided here mainly for your convenience.

Common forms needed when you hire new employees or use outside labor:

Required Federal Forms: 

    IRS Form W-4    For new employees (or changes in withholdings)

    CIS Form I-9      Employment Eligibility Verification     

    IRS Guidelines for Employees vs. Independent Contractors
    Not sure if someone should be considered an employee or                     independent contractor?  There are huge ramifications if you guess         wrong.  Get informed and sleep well at night! 
    IRS Form W-9    For 1099-eligible independent contractors.
    Get these forms filled out before you pay them.  Don't wait until it's         time to issue the 1099s at year-end.  Chances are they won't return        your calls at that point!

Required California State Forms:

    DE34 - Report of New Employees (must be filed within 20 days of           start-of-work date.  (Also available in QuickBooks Payroll                       Subscriptions.)

    DE542 - Report of Independent Contractor  (must be filed within 20          days of either making payments of $600 or more or entering into a          contract for $600 or more with an independent contractor in any              calendar year.
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