“I'm all about QuickBooks shortcuts.  They save time, energy, and sometimes even your sanity!”
Time-Saving QuickBooks Desktop Data Entry Tips!

Date and number shortcuts:  By typing the + or - keys (located both on the 10-key pad and to the left of the backspace key),  you can easily change the date one day at a time in any date field your cursor may be in. 

Also, let's say you want to enter the date April 17, 2016.  Just type the numbers 0417, without slashes or the year (you must always use two digits for the month and day dates).  Then hit the tab or enter key.  QuickBooks will always assume the year you are entering is the current year, so if you want to enter a prior year date instead, just enter the two-digit year after the month and day, such as 041715. 

Other date field shortcuts:

    Type M for the first day of the current Month
    Type H for the last day of the current montH
    Type Y for the first day of the current Year
    Type R for the last day of the current yeaR

Keyboard Shortcuts using the Ctrl key:

    Ctrl-P to print the current active transaction    
    Ctrl-E to edit the current selection in a list or register
    Ctrl-D to delete a transaction or current selection in a list
    Ctrl-N to create a new list item or transaction (depends on what the          active window is at the time you enter the shortcut
    Ctrl-W to open the "Write Checks" window
    Ctrl-I to open the "Create Invoices" window

There are more of these shortcuts.  To see some of them, click each of your drop-down menus.  If there is a shortcut available for any of the menu options, it will be listed to the right side of the selection on the drop-down menu. 

Color Scheme

Starting with the 2013 desktop QuickBooks version, the appearance of the QuickBooks desktop and windows changed dramatically, and many users don't care for the default settings.  To bring back the top icon bar, click the "View" drop-down menu and select "Top Icon Bar".  To bring color back to it, click the "Edit<Preferences" drop-down menu and then select Desktop View in the list on the left side.  Check the box for "Switch to colored icons/light background on the Top Icon Bar". While you're in that same window you can also change the color scheme for your company file at the bottom section of this window.  This is very helpful when you have more than one QuickBooks company data file and want to keep them visually diffferent color-wise.  Then click OK and you're good to go.

Icon Bar Customizing

Some of my clients use the Home Page to navigate from window to window, but once a window is opened up, the Home Page is blocked.  For this reason I encourage clients to use the Icon Bar instead (located across the top of the screen). However, the default icon bar usually contains several buttons you won't need. I recommend you edit the icon bar by clicking the "View" drop-down menu and selecting "Customize Icon Bar."  You may also want to shorten the names of the different "Centers"; e.g., shorten Vendor Center to Vendors and so forth.  After that, delete unneeded icons, like possibly some of the QuickBooks marketing buttons.  Then make sure to click OK to exit the customize box.  You should now see more available space on the Icon Bar. 

To add new, frequently used icons, just open each of the windows you commonly use, such as Write Checks.  Then click the "View" drop-down menu, then the "Add Write Checks..." selection.  Next, select a meaningful icon from the list on the left side of the next window and then type a reasonably short name for your icon in the Label field.  Then click OK. Repeat these instructions for every button you want to add to the Icon Bar.  When you've finished your additions you can change the order your icons are listed in in the Customize Icon Bar window by clicking and dragging the diamonds in front of the icons in the list.

Open Window List

Activate the Open Window List by clicking View<Open Window List.  This window is very useful for alternating back and forth between frequently used open windows.
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