Janice Reid
QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor
ServingSouth Central Colorado in person, specializing also in California payroll
(nationwide for distance support services)
Industry & Software Experience
Industry Experience

  Construction Businesses
  Corporate Manufacturing
  Retail & Web Stores
  Medical/Dental Offices
  Event Management
  Professional Services
  Property Management
  Nonprofit Volunteer Groups
  US Military

Software Experience

  QuickBooks Pro
  QuickBooks Premier
  QuickBooks Enterprise
  QuickBooks Online
  Volusion Integration with
  Microsoft Word & Excel
About Me
First off, I am NOT the lovely young woman in the picture above.  That is just a stock photo provided with my website (although she could pass for my daughter).  However, I have been a self-employed bookkeeper and QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor for the past thirteen years, and prior to that received eight years experience working for an excellent CPA firm in southern California.  In addition, my background includes corporate cost accounting, small business full-charge bookkeeping and nonprofit fund accounting.  I currently operate out of south-central Colorado, but have several business ties to southern California. I assist clients in other states and even foreign countries through e-mail and remote access.

My QuickBooks experience goes back as far as 1989, when the fledgling software was still in the DOS operating system.  We have both come a long way since then!

My additional strengths are in my flexibility to your schedule and business needs (always within reason, of course!). I am also quite willing to recommend the most efficient method to meet your bookkeeping needs, even if it means working myself out of a job.  Whether we work together only briefly to get your books straightened out so you can carry on on your own, or whether you'd prefer a long-time working relationship, I am open to what works best for you!
FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
Q:  Do you provide training as well as bookkeeping services for QuickBooks products? 

Absolutely!  I have been training clients since 1996 so they can minimize their accounting overhead, which is especially important these days.  Whatever involvement I have beyond that is up to you.  Some clients like me to look at their books periodically (quarterly, annually) to reassure them when they're doing things right or to correct them when they're not.

Q:  Do you assist people who are not located in your area?

Yes, a growing number of clients are what I call "distance" clients.  I provide support, training and bookkeeping services through telephone, e-mail and remote access services.

Q:  Do you prepare business income tax returns?

No, I do not, although I frequently work closely with clients' CPA firms and tax preparers to make every effort to prepare the books so they are as ready as possible for income tax preparation at year-end. 

Q:  Will you work with software other than what you've listed on your site?

Definitely!  I love having opportunities to learn something new, and I am generally a quick learner as well.  Specifically, it is one of my goals to expand my knowledge and experience with integration between Web Store/Shopping Cart applications and QuickBooks (as well as other accounting software).  I will be updating my website as I progress in this area.

Q:  Great!  How do we get started?

Please contact me by phone or e-mail for further information.  I look forward to the opportunity of working with you.
QuickBooks Certified Pro Advisor
Phone: (719) 735-8661
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